The Four Month Update

Only four months old and already a total heartbreaker.

Cullen is four months old now.  And perhaps for the first time since this whole journey started, I actually believe it.  Even though it wasn’t all that long ago, I don’t really remember what life was without this little face smiling up at me each morning.

He has totally lost that newborn newness, and he feels like a real mini person these days.  I look at his newborn photos and find it hard to believe he was ever that small.  And while I thought I wanted him to stay teeny tiny forever, I’m finding that with each new age and stage, I love him a little bit more.  His personality is huge, and he cracks me (and himself!) up all day long.

Even though he is doing all the things that I read he is “supposed” to do, I’m still amazed when they actually happen.  I’ve watched his little arms go from flailing out of control, to discovering his hands, to now reaching out and grabbing for things, and pulling everything straight toward his mouth.

And I laugh now when I think about how worried I was about our lack of tummy time in those first early weeks.  Baby websites and books sure do know how to freak out new moms, huh?  They had me convinced that if we didn’t get him on his stomach for at least ten minutes a day, he’d end up never learning to crawl or walk or some other such nonsense.  But the boy who used to scream on his tummy, now refuses to lay on his back.  At four months, it’s all tummy all the time.

And perhaps our biggest surprise this month — the first tooth!  Just a few weeks ago I wrote how Cullen was showing all the major signs of teething, but was assured that these signs tend to pop up early and last for months before teeth actually arrive.  So imagine my surprise when we were sitting in the Honolulu airport and I looked down and saw a pearly white tooth popping through his gums!

His favorite toys now are all things he can wrap his little fingers around and stuff in his mouth key rings, teething rings, a stuffed carrot, and anything else in his reach.  I have to be careful now if I’m trying to eat and hold him, as he reaches out for everything that passes in front of him.

Sleeping is going a bit better these days.  We seemed to have survived the sleep regression we went through last month,  and now were usually only up once each night around 3am.  He doesn’t sleep through loud noises anymore and is easily woken by dogs barking and alarms beeping.  He sleeps face down with his head to the side, and squirms all over his crib at night.

It’s so true that all the normal mom feelings come and go in phases, and work themselves out eventually as they should.  When he was just a few weeks old, I couldn’t imagine him ever sleeping anywhere other than right by my side.  And yet having to sleep next to him for a week in Hawaii, I found it really hard to sleep through all his shuffling and noises now that he moves around so much more.  I guess we’ve both naturally found that a little space can be good for us.  As he gets bigger and bigger, I continue to savor each and every nap he takes on my chest.  I know these days are numbered…

Four Month Rundown:

  • Bumbo:  Barely fits in it legs are too chubby!
  • Exersaucer:  Thinking about getting one not sure he’s old enough?
  • Swing:  Pretty much over it.
  • Boppy Lounger Pillow:  Packed it up over a month ago.
  • Highchair:  Need one.
  • Solid Food:  Waiting a while.  In no hurry!
  • Stroller:  Finally using (and love) it.
  • Car Seat:  Still hates it.
  • Bottles:  Still not taking them.
  • Diapers:  Cloth and loving it.  (Size 2 disposables on vacation.)
  • Traveling:  Vacation to Hawaii!
  • Teeth:  The beginning of one!
  • Weight:  TBD at next week’s appointment, but I’m guessing close to 17lbs!

Overall, life with Cullen continues to be a surprising, exhausting, and exciting adventure.  For four months, our days (and nights!) have been a non-stop rollercoaster, but so they are so much brighter because of it.

Looking forward to everything this next month will bring!

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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