The Grinningest Grinner There Ever Was [Video]

Sweet Henry David.

For as much as I bitched and moaned about pregnancy, you’d think the universe, in its very karmic nature, would make sure I birthed a bad kid.

But the kid is pure sunshine. I swear to God, I don’t know how I got two good ones. TWO! I mean, I thought that if your first one was a good one you were certain to get a bad one.  Or vice versa.

I lucked out, man. The kid just hangs out smiling at everyone all the time.  Or else he makes farting noises with his mouth, which, farting noises?  C’mon!  Who doesn’t love farting noises?

He’s sleeping from eight at night to about five in the morning…  And he does this thing, like, he totally flips out when I sing his song. Seriously, he tries to leap off changing tables and tall buildings and stuff – just to get at me when I sing his song.

Check it out:

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