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The Hair That Used To Be There (On Both Of Us)

By emily |

Paul was born with what I would consider a full head of dark hair. Well, a full head of dark hair for a baby that I birthed. I’ve had 4 bald babies, and Paul I consider my most well endowed in the hair department. We were ecstatic of his follicular achievement.

But that photo right there? The one of him being cradled by my mother in law, the day after he was born? THAT WAS THEN.

Because behold, this is now:

Bald, bald, baby Paul. Poor kid lost all his hair over the course of the last 4 months.

But last night, I did a little research. Low and behold, it’s completely normal! Babies often times lose their hair during the first six months of life. It even has a name, it’s called telogen effluvium.

According to Wikipedia, telogen effluvium is due to an emotional, physiological stressful events may result in an alteration of the normal hair cycle. It’s also the direct result of a hormonal change.

Since a newborn’s hormones change right after birth, it triggers their hair from a “resting phase” into a “growth phase”, thus the old hair (on his head at birth) falls out and new hair starts to grow in it’s place.

And um, ladies, if you’ve found yourself 4 months postpartum and shedding? Yeah, it’s the same thing. You can blame it on your postpartum hormones. But the good thing is, you’re not a freak, and it’s completely normal!

So yeah, Paul has lost all his hair, and I’m shedding too. But we’re normal! WooHoo!

I guess it’s time to start shopping for sunhats, for the both of our bald heads.

How about you? Have you (or your baby) lost your hair recently?

Top image by Casey.

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4 thoughts on “The Hair That Used To Be There (On Both Of Us)

  1. Meagan says:

    There are other reasons too. The first few months a baby tends to be confined to his back, so the back of the head gets rubbed constantly. Some babies rub their hair with their hands, and then there’s my baby… A full head of hair peeking out from some truly nasty looking cradle cap. I was constantly rubbing and, yes, picking at the cradle cap while he nursed, and turned out, the hair went with it. The bright side is the cradle cap really did leave with the hair, and his hair had grown back entirely by 6 months, with no cradle cap in sight! He’s almost a year now and we’ve had two, very necessary haircuts for his very full head of hair.

  2. yuri says:

    I love that our babies are a week apart and that we both have Pauls (your baby and my husbands name). I’ve become such a huge fan of your blog. Seems like the boys go through so much of the same hiccups, it’s nice to know we’re not alone :)

    On the subject if hair loss lol, David was born with a complete full head of thick gorgeous dark brown hair. Then around the second month it started to fall .

    It began to recede on the sides which left a very cool Mohawk…way too cool to be my kid ;) (if you email me I’ll send you a pic) Now in his 4th month it’s coming or in patches. It doesn’t help that he’s “found” his hair. He reaches for what’s left on the sides and in the back, grabs hold, and pulls it out. No matter what I do he just keeps pulling it out.

    my hair is coming out in disgusting quantities which I’ll be honest, is alarming when in the shower.

    Again, glad to know it’s not just us :)

  3. Merle H. says:

    My son turned 4 months old today. He was born with a full head of flat wet curls. I was shocked, because I anticipated having a bald baby since babies in my family tend to be that way. I was even more shocked when, at four months, his hair doesn’t seem to be falling out at all and seems to be growing even longer. I wrongfully thought that all babies loose the hair they are born with.
    I, however, am another story. I’m currently rivaling my dog for who can shed the most. I find myself picking my own hairs off of everything (which, is unusual for me since I use to pride myself on being a non-shedder). Darn hormones!

  4. Sara says:

    This happened to both me and my son at about 3.5 months. At 12 months, he now has a nice head of soft baby hair, and I have a not-nice “fringe” growing in around my hairline. Maybe it will have grown in by the time I have my NEXT baby, LOL.

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