The Importance of Non-Mommy Friends

It's important to have friends that are not moms.
It's important to have friends that are not moms.

I wrote about the importance of Mommy Friends. Mommy Friends GET what you are going through. They understand that there is spit-up on your shirt. When getting into your car, they easily forgive the smell of rotting milk. All that said, it’s important to keep friends that aren’t moms – let’s call them Non-Mommy Friends.

Non-Mommy Friends have NO idea what is going on in your world. The thought of staying up all night, may include a late night at the bar. Their world is most likely one that you used to have.

Keeping these friends around is key. These friends will keep you connected to the real world. Friends who aren’t moms don’t talk about mommy things all the time. With Non-Mommy Friends you’ll be able to get out of your mommy funk and obsession with your child.

Remaining Yourself While Being a Mom

It’s easy to fall in the funk of being a mom. I say this as my frizzy hair hasn’t been straightened and while I’m still wearing yoga pants. I’m in the mom funk. The easiest way for me to get out of this? Going to lunch with a Non-Mommy Friend. I’ll get dressed, do my hair, maybe even put on some make-up. These are things I NEED to do to remain myself and not get stuck in the day-to-day routine of changing diapers and cooing at my baby.

You are not JUST  So-and-So’s Mom. There is another side to your life that you have to keep alive while raising your baby.

Non-Mommy Friends Need Mommy Friends

Chances are that those Non-Mommy Friends of yours will someday become moms. What does this mean? This means those Mommy Friends (YOU!) will become an invaluable resource to them. The wisdom a friend can provide, and the realism of pregnancy and motherhood – is best discussed with a friend who’s been there, done that. While her own mom can be resourceful — she hasn’t had kids in YEARS!

Do You Keep Up With Your  Non-Mommy Friends?