The Kid Wants to Be Held


From the day Tate was born it was obvious that he is happiest when he is being held. In the first few weeks it was easy enough to accomplish, I was so in love with him and didn’t really intend to get anything done. As the weeks go by, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to carry him around all day.

A few weeks ago, I finally figured out how to put him our moby wrap and it was amazing, I could throw him in there and as a bonus he was so warm and snuggly that he would fall asleep. After just a weeks or two, Tate wasn’t so content in the moby. He no longer liked being tucked away and was consistently trying to lift his head up so he could see what was going on. Since then he seemed so grumpy about it I stopped using it and was left ineffectual and frustrated.

I had only been taught put the baby in the carrier using the “newborn hold” and felt stuck because he already seemed to grown up for it.

Today Tate wouldn’t let me put him down and I had things to do, so finally I googled “how to use a moby wrap”. The first hit was a YouTube video showing how to implement the newborn hold, front facing hold and rear facing hold. I was so excited. I watched the video and was surprised to learn that the only modification I needed to make was how I put Tate in.

We had a successful trial run at the farmers market today and both Tate and I were happier people.

Are you a baby wearer? I would love to hear about your experiences of wearing your baby as your baby changed?