The Kind of Not Really Only Second Child


Today I put my only other child on a bus bound for first grade leaving my baby and me alone for a good majority of the day. I may have complained wildly about not becoming pregnant with Vivi sooner, but I’m learning that this almost seven year spacing of my girls may be the best thing that ever happened to our family.

A flight attendant commented that “gap babies” are the new hot thing in parenting, leaving at least a six year space in between siblings. While ours was unintentional, I can see why some families choose to do it on purpose. She went onto say that her kids were 22 months apart (as my only sister and I are) and she wouldn’t wish such a thing on her worst enemy. The theory is when your kids are close together it’s harder in the beginning but easier down the road.  Two in diapers at the same time? I’m going to be honest and say that’s not for me.

If the space between kids isn’t quite big enough many parents feel as though they JUST got out of the “little kid/baby” stage only to start all over again. Many of my friends with kids around four years apart say that it is just like starting over, that they forget about how much work babies are.

Addie has been so independent for so long that bringing Vivi home was like bringing her home to three parents. Addie is capable of not only helping, but understanding what needs to be done and that she needs to share time and attention with her sister. I also don’t have to worry about Addie trying to smother her with a pillow, love or her whole body.

Addie is pretty much the best big sister ever.

I’m going to miss having her around since she truly is Vivi’s favorite toy, and vice versa. They have a magical little relationship that only sisters can have and despite Addie’s CONSTANT QUESTIONS, she is a huge help to me, especially when it comes to Vivi. I’m excited for 2:20 today when Addie bursts through the door, runs to her little sister and tells her about her day. Until then? I’m really excited to have Vivi as my only child for seven hours, five days a week.

From only child to sister: How many kids is best?

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