The Longest Eyelashes No One Has Ever Seen


This just in! I’ve finally snapped a photo of the oh-so-elusive Arlo eyelashes. Most of the time, these bad boys are virtually invisible (thanks to their blonde color) but when the afternoon sun hits them just right, you can really see just how long and lovely they are! It’s one of my son’s most darling features and it always tickles me when someone notices them, because they are always taken aback at just how long they really are! 

I know this is totally silly, but I kind of love that they are most often invisible. Like a dimple that only shows when one smiles or a pretty shaped birth mark that is only seen in the right top — his super gorgeous, blonde eyelashes are so lovely when the light dances across them and makes his eyes glow. They’re like his little baby super power: the boy with the amazingly long, sometimes invisible eyelashes. That’s comic book hero material right there — whose got connections at Marvel?


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