The Mad Cry


As Fuzz hit the twelve week mark on Monday, he’s gotten way more smiley, and even giggles sometimes. I haven’t caught the giggles on camera, but I have started to notice a shift in his cries, which let’s face it, go on much longer and are thus much easier to record.

I don’t usually let him cry unless of course, we’re in the car and I can’t get to him, or it’s not safe for me to pick him up. However, in the past three days, he’s been asserting himself a bit and really letting me know when he’s lodging a complaint.

His cries almost sound like he’s grumbling some curse words between his yelling. He’s clearly ticked off. While my heart is being tugged by his unrest, I’m also fascinated by his growth, and also, frankly, seriously amused. For those who think this is cruel parenting, I’ll have you know that I immediately picked up my boy after this nineteen second outburst.

Does your baby have different cries for different reasons?

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