The Match Up


A couple of days ago, we were introduced to a family with a little boy. We told them about Tate, and likewise they introduced themselves and told us all about their baby.

At first glance, I thought their son was several months older than Tate, but as we got to talking, we realized that the boys are almost the same age. Naturally, my husband as a proud parent, and, let’s face it, a man, decided to compare the two like they were boxers about ready to enter the ring against each other.

Here’s how they matched up:

Height: The other boy had Tate by 2 inches, but that’s not surprising as Tate was in the 25% last time we checked

Weight: Let’s just say both of them were pretty chunky and could use some time on the stair master

Mobility: The other baby is walking pretty well and Tate still prefers to crawl, but we are sure that someday soon he’ll give toddling a shot.

Hair: Tate needs some Rogaine to catch up.

After we talked for a few minutes, my husband started wondering if we weren’t doing enough to help Tate learn to walk. After all, some babies this age are practically running. I had to reassure him Tate is not behind. I know all too well that this is the problem with comparing babies. There is always a baby who is making fast progression, but that doesn’t mean anything. In the end, I don’t need him to be the first to walk or talk, in fact, I am glad he is right where he is.