The Men Love Her


I am sure my husband is going to kill me for sharing a picture of him, but last night when we were out to dinner for our youngest son, Benjamin’s birthday, I caught this picture of him, the baby, and our oldest son, Camden.    To me, it is one of those pictures that you could send in to a “caption this photo”  type contest.

When I was pregnant, and we found out that Addison was in fact an Addison and not a Jameson, everyone started chiming in and telling my husband that he would be immediately wrapped around her finger.  I must admit I worried, because we were both kind of forced into the idea of a third child because we were done having children after Ben.

But we both quickly came around, and when I saw my husband holding her for the first time, you could just see the look in his eye that she owned him… literally!

As for my oldest son, he is obsessed with her. When we came home from the hospital, he saw me and didn’t even say hi, or that he missed me (although that all came later). He ran straight for my husband carrying the infant car seat and bombarded his sister with kisses.   Now it is constantly how is my little sister doing? Or better yet the constant in her face trying to kiss her, or suck the life out of her.  Sometimes I wonder what the heck he is trying to do.

The youngest son is slowly coming around to her, but he would much rather be playing with Lightening McQueen or the newest Fire Truck we have in the house.  Although he comes in for the occassional kiss, or tries to play duck duck goose by tapping her on the head.  I guess he wants to make sure she is included. Haha!

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