The New Parent Is A One Handed Wonder

Kitchen Shears: My new best friend.

I have a new found respect for one handed individuals. I mean this sincerely and I hope no one is offended here. I mean, OBVIOUSLY, having only one hand would be a completely different and difficult lifestyle, not to mention whatever happened to make a person one handed. But, what I mean is that often holding a baby with one arm has made me realize how difficult it would be to only have one arm and hand, as any individual. Make sense?

I remember right after I got married, I was buying a replacement can opener at Sur La Table. Ours was old and rusty and probably came out of one of our parents’ kitchen drawers, where it had been sitting since the 70’s. I thought: We’re newlyweds, I’m going to splurge for a NEW can opener, dammit. Little did I know how infrequently I’d be opening cans–partially due to my new fear of BPA in the linings, but also because I barely cooked anything for the first year of my older son’s life.

When I looked at the vast array of can openers available to me at SLT, I noticed that one was a one handed version. I tried (and failed) to imagine why a person would need a one handed can opener and quickly dismissed it for the normal two handed, twisting variety.

After having two babies, I regret that decision. If only there were more one handed tools available for the new parent holding a baby in one arm while trying to do anything and everything else. I’ve gotten pretty good at making coffee, but spreading butter on toast is a whole other skill entirely. Oh, and in case you’re thinking:’Why doesn’t she just put him in the Ergo?” Yeah, I could do that, but at 7am, when I am prying my eyes open with toothpicks, I’m just too tired to get that together. Coffee becomes my first priority, then I can start thinking practically.

Above, I have pictured one of the best and most necessary kitchen items for the new parent. Kitchen Shears. Need to cut up meat or vegetables, etc for your toddler while holding him (or holding a baby)? Kitchen Shears. Need to pop open a bag of chips, or vent a frozen dinner? Kitchen Shears. You can cut sandwiches, bananas, string beans, etc… The possibilities are endless.

What are your one-handed tools?  We are all the masters of the one-handed e-mail/blog post. What else can you do?