The Nights We all Cry 'Uncle'

Vivi had some immunizations yesterday (yes, we immunize, two very influential people in my world left too soon due to Polio so save any anti-immunization rants for another day.) and she was a champ until bedtime when the fever kicked in. I heard her crying grow more intense over the monitor and just as I went in to check on her and Cody I heard the unmistakable cry cough that was followed with a very…wet…sound. I could tell no nightlight was going to be able to handle what had just happened in her room so I turned on the overhead light to my husband, completely covered in baby puke, his face…oh his face. Vivi had smothered herself pretty well too.

Vivi was stripped down and bathed at midnight, sheets were changed and Cody jumped into the shower fully clothed.

In the middle of starting laundry at close to 1 am I began to think about mommy wars and that arguing with anyone about who has it worse is just stupid, no matter who we are or where we’re at in life, we all have nights were we jump into the shower fully clothed because we can’t fathom pulling a vomit covered shirt over our face. (Well, proverbially at least.)

Thankfully Cody was able to sleep in for a bit before heading off to handle Indiana’s pressing legal issues but I can assure you that last night is burned deep into his brain and when the topic of another baby comes up last night is what is going to fast forward itself to the forefront of his mind. Vivi has been napping fitfully all morning but seems to be doing better. I however still haven’t showered for a couple of days and my to do list grows longer by the moment.

What happened last night is not all that uncommon, almost every parent has a similar story of sickness in the wee hours of the night. Some had to get up the next day and go to work leaving their sick child in the care of someone else. Some had to do it all by themselves because they are a single parent. Some had to deal with vomit from multiple children and some had to do it while they too were sick themselves.

Sick kids suck. Fighting about who has it worse is just silly.

Then I started to think about my friends without kids. My friends who have very important jobs and very important tasks that other people are counting on them to finish. They may not be responsible for little people, but they are responsible for keeping other things running, some are responsible for animals and when an animal gets sick (at least in my case) it’s almost as difficult as when I child gets sick aside from the fact that you can sequester an animal in a bathroom with a scrubbable floor.

Last night was hard. Tonight will be better. There will probably be another night in the future that is worse.

This nasty stuff, it’s in the job description. Whether it’s deadlines, horrible bosses, vomit or all three…a rough night is rough on anyone no matter what you have to face in the morning.

What’s the worst night you’ve had in recent memory? (Before last night it was when I came down with gastroenteritis while 5 months pregnant. Vomiting every hour for almost 20 hours. I was absolutely sure I was going to DIE.)


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