The One Where I Borrow A Baby


I spent the last six days in Nashville, Tennessee at my sixth Blissdom Conference. I joked with several other conference goers that Type A Mom Conference is where you go to learn, BlogHer is where you go to let loose and network with brands and Blissdom is where you go to feeeeeel. Blissdom is an everchanging conference but by far my favorite and this year was no exception. I cried several times with happiness and gratitude and only once because I missed my baby so badly. (I am official staff with Blissdom so taking my baby and working the floor at the same time isn’t the best idea for my own mental health.)

The good news is that my best friend, who will also be starting Baby’s First Year next week, was my roommate and she brought along her 5 week old baby, Paul. At one point I couldn’t take it anymore and I asked “Hey, so…can I wear your baby?” and she let me. As we walked the halls to our session I proclaimed “It’s like wearing a hug.”

Obviously I wouldn’t ask just any stranger if I could wear their baby, nor would I let just anyone wear my baby. But I figure since Emily and I go back as far as our blogs, I was there when Paul was born and she was the first person to know I was pregnant…we’re probably to babywearing sharing.

Oh you guys, he felt so good…so small and peanut-y. Nothing like the 23 pound monster who snuggles into my soft spots back home.

He snoozed the whole time as I walked around taking photos (hey look! so I can multitask!) and when it came time to give him back for a little snack (I certainly don’t have what he needs in that department) I was left with that residual baby warmth that only baby snuggles can provide. I smooched him lots in the privacy of our room and stared long and hard (possibly to creeper level) at another baby girl that was there with her mom and my baby craze was somewhat satisfied until I could get my own in my arms. (My own who wasn’t very excited to see me by the way, I’m trying not to take it personally.)

If you’re going to have a baby around Blissdom time next year, please don’t be shy about taking them. Blissdom is a conference for babies and their mamas who love them so. (And if you DO need someone to wear your baby for a bit? I know a girl. Just sayin’.)

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