The Perfect Gift For a New Mom

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Recently, someone asked me what a new mom wanted. After I had Evie, I felt ugly, fat and tired. All I wanted to feel good again was a massage, mani/pedi and uh… lipo. Just kidding.

My husband gave me a gift certificate for a pedicure at Christmas and I’m still holding on to it. I really don’t know why, my feet are disgusting, but I guess it’s because I’m holding out for a little warmer weather so that my pretty pedicure won’t go to waste behind closed-toe shoes.

All I know is that EVERY single time I get a mani and/or pedi, I think, “I feel pretty.” I also wonder why I don’t just get them more often.

My favorite toe color that is perfect for summer is OPI’s Strawberry Margarita. Every time I stray to another color, I always come back to this one. What is your favorite? Maybe I can be convinced.

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