The Phrase That Makes Me Want to Punch Strangers in the Face


If one more person says to me… Oh my god! How cute is she! I bet she never cries! She must be SUCH a good baby! I may scream.

Not because Addison is part Satan, but because with this whole teething thing she has gone from the most easy going baby on planet earth to the most miserable little girl who will cry for hours. And as a mother when you have a baby who will cry, and cry, and cry, and no matter what you do nothing makes her feel better… it is the worst feeling in the world.

You feel helpless, and it stresses you out, which in turn stresses the baby out more.

Last night I got to my breaking point because I heard those words, again… right before my daughter launched into hysterics for 45 minutes until she fell asleep. And I tried everything in the book to help her.

So what did I to to try and relieve a little stress, and show people the real side of motherhood?  Made a video…

Is there one phrase that makes you want to just dive over the edge when it comes to strangers, and your kids?