The Poop Bandit Strikes Again!

The Poop Bandit
The Poop Bandit

The scene of the crime?

Our local Mall.

After a long day of walking and shopping, I was holding Little Bean over my shoulder. He was getting tired of the carriage and I wanted to give him a new view.

While paying for a new bag, I felt the unmistakable diaper vibration on my arm.

He was pooping.

There was no doubt about it.

Within seconds, I look down to see that unmistakable yellow runny poop pooling in my hand.

It. Was. Disgusting.

And I was still in the middle of a transaction hoping, no, PRAYING the cashier didn’t notice.

I grabbed the receipt with my free hand, shoved it in my purse and jetted out of the store.

I made it to the restroom to clean up, and Little Bean and I shared a few giggles on the changing table.

On the way to the car the husband asked if any of the poop got on my shirt which lo and behold…

Poop on the shirt and the Ham, Big Brother.
Poop on the shirt and the Ham, Big Brother.

it did!

I didn’t even notice. How sad is that?

This has been Little Bean’s first blow out in a couple of months. It seems Poop Bandit is out on parole.