The Post I've Avoided Posting - To Christen or Not?

wolf baby
Photo of Wolf by my friend Summer - he's such a ham for the camera!

I’ve had this post in my queue for quite some time now and just haven’t felt like publishing it.  There’s one thing I learned when I was growing up and it was never to talk to your friends about politics or religion, especially if your views clashed.  But can we put differences aside and just chat?  My blog pal, Jamie {who’s got an adorable baby boy} brought up a similar topic the other day and I decided to dive in and ask your opinion on a the matter.

I’m talking religion here.  Or my lack of it, I suppose.  And how we’ve been faced with the question, many, many times, on whether or not we plan to have Wolf christened. We’ve chosen not to get Wolf christened and decided that we’ll leave that decision up to him.  But I have a feeling I’ve left a few family members offended.

I was raised in a semi-religious household. I went to an Episcopal school for 9 years. Outside of school, I think I attended church once or twice. I was baptized early because it was sort of a process in life then.  I wore my grandfather’s gown, as did my dad and his brother and sister when they were baptized.  I’m not upset at all that my parents chose to baptize me, as it made no effect on how I was raised or how I view religion. But my upbringing does weigh in on my decision for Wolf.

It’s important for me that Wolf be able to make his own choices. From what I’ve been reading, the christening requires us to make a promise that we’ll raise him by the ways of the church, which I don’t necessarily believe in.  It’s also a public statement that, as his parents, we commit that we will raise him in a home of kindness and goodness, that our virtues and beliefs in life are good and that we make the promise to raise Wolf in the best way possible. So, with that being said, why can’t we just promise ourselves that?  Without involving the church? Perhaps in a private dedication to him?

At this point, we’ll wait and let him decide.  To me, it doesn’t seem to be that much of a big deal to do it later if he chooses so, but then again, since I’m not religious I really don’t know.  But I feel like my decision has left a few of my family members a little offended.  Part of me says, it’s my child, I’ll make his decisions right now but the other part of me feels a little bad.

What do you think?  Why did you make the decision to christen your baby or if you didn’t, how did you deal with offended family members?

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