The Price of 3 Days of No Kids

3 kid free days
3 days without kids!

Tomorrow I leave for Blissdom, where I will experience 3 days with NO kids.

Blissdom is going to be BLISS!

It’s crazy the things that you have to do as a mom. If I had known all the work that it takes to take care of a baby and kids before I had them, I would of vacationed A LOT more.  There are just so many day to day things that are so routine but so cumbersome.

So while I have 3 days with no baby, no toddler, no 6 year old and no 8 year old – I am going to enjoy:

  • The hotel room with no children crying “mama”.
  • Talking with my sister without interruption (she is going with me).
  • Meals at restaurants with no need for a high chair and sling.
  • Going places without lugging around an infant carrier.
  • No bottles.
  • No sippy cups.
  • No back talking.
  • No time outs.
  • No nap times.

This list could go on, but then there is the reality of it. It’s the price of 3 days of no kids.

People are right in saying there is no such thing as a free lunch.

When it was decided that I would be going on a mommy vacation, there are things I didn’t think about.

  • The whole leaving my baby for the first time – I had no idea how freaked out I would be.
  • Prepping to leave 4 kids – I’ve made 3 trips to the store in 2 days.
  • The house will be destroyed.
  • Our older kids will most likely be up late playing video games and full of junk food.
  • My husband will need a vacation shortly after I return.


It will all be worth it. Working as a freelance and as a mom, you don’t have the benefits of a corporate job. So anytime I get any type of perk like a mommy vacation, I’m going to enjoy it…. regardless of the price.


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