The Return of Angry Avery


She’s baaackkkk……

Last month I introduced you to Angry Avery.  Avery, the very cute and happy baby, makes the most amazing facial expressions that make her look like she is extremely mad. What makes Angry Avery so fun is that Avery really isn’t angry at all! Those are just the faces that she makes and I happen to catch on camera.

This month the Angry Avery faces have been taken up a notch. As she gets older, the facial expressions just keep getting better and better.

Check out the return of Angry Avery and all of her adorable angry faces after the jump! 

  • Get me outta here! 1 of 19
    Get me outta here!
    This was Avery's first time on the swing and she absolutely loved it. I had my camera out taking a ton of pictures and just happened to get this face of her with one of the best Angry Avery faces I've seen in a while. Don't let this picture fool you, she was having the best time in the world.
  • Excuse me? What are you lookin’ at? 2 of 19
    Excuse me? What are you lookin' at?
    Of course I was bored and wanted to take a bunch of pictures of her. Most of them were her smiling, this just happened to be at an off moment.
  • Oh no! I’ve turned blue! 3 of 19
    Oh no! I've turned blue!
    Another self portrait of Avery looking into the phone at herself. As soon as she sees herself in the phone, her mouth automatically goes open and she scrunches her forehead. It is the funniest reaction.
  • This toy is going down! 4 of 19
    This toy is going down!
    We are smack dab in the middle of teething right now and Avery wants to chew on everything. She happens to make really great faces while doing this. This toy is losing the teething battle from the looks of it.
  • You expect to sit up by myself? 5 of 19
    You expect to sit up by myself?
    She just started sitting up on her own and this picture makes her look uneasy about the entire thing.
  • The beach is just too much for me today. 6 of 19
    The beach is just too much for me today.
    This serious face looks like she was just about done with the beach. She was having a blast at the beach, I just happened to capture a picture of her looking unimpressed with the whole thing.
  • Can I fit my fist in my mouth? 7 of 19
    Can I fit my fist in my mouth?
    The hands are always in the mouth. Although this looks like she didn't quite like the taste of it.
  • Angry Avery with a smile. 8 of 19
    Angry Avery with a smile.
    The first Angry Avery picture with a little bit of a smirk. Proof that this little girl is truly happy, just knows how to make the best angry facial expressions.
  • I’m coming for ya, mom! 9 of 19
    I'm coming for ya, mom!
    She really wanted to take the phone from me at this moment. Can't you tell by that passion in her face?
  • She’s attacking the giraffe! 10 of 19
    She's attacking the giraffe!
    Sophie the Giraffe is one of her BFF's because of just how well she stands up to the teething monster known as Avery. It looks like Sophie is taking a beating from this teething session.
  • Why can’t I dance like my sister? 11 of 19
    Why can't I dance like my sister?
    This is the look on her face watching her sister dance in front of her. She looks a little bit upset about those dance moves.
  • Drool monster coming for you! 12 of 19
    Drool monster coming for you!
    With teething comes a lot of drool. And with drool comes the drool monster ready to get you!
  • Give me that phone! 13 of 19
    Give me that phone!
    She sees herself in the camera but also wants the phone and couldn't decide which she wanted more!
  • My finger isn’t that tasty today. 14 of 19
    My finger isn't that tasty today.
    From the looks of it, the finger just doesn't seem to be doing it's job today.
  • Avery is not impressed. 15 of 19
    Avery is not impressed.
    It must have been something I said, because Avery does not look too impressed with me at this moment.
  • Teething is no fun. 16 of 19
    Teething is no fun.
    Rough day with teething and I took out the camera to take pictures because it always cheers her up. Rather than opening her mouth like she usually does she kept sucking on her bottom lip, but still gave me a little bit of a frown with those eyes.
  • What do you keep taking photos of me?! 17 of 19
    What do you keep taking photos of me?!
    The good old picture of her looking at herself in the phone. I can't get over this expression!
  • Get that thing out of my face. 18 of 19
    Get that thing out of my face.
    Someone doesn't look too pleased that I have a camera in her face when she's just trying to eat her fingers in peace.
  • Who is that girl looking back at me? 19 of 19
    Who is that girl looking back at me?
    This is Avery trying to eat the phone. She was unsuccessful in her attempt and doesn't look to happy about it.

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