The Secret Vivi Napping Formula.

Rocking out while sleeping in.

Unfortunately because of the law of baby…that being as soon as you figure the little critters out they go and change things on you…upon publishing this post she is going to decide the way I do things now is stupid and dumb and force me to figure out a whole new routine.

So for now. The magical solution that tricks Vivi into napping for longer than 10 minutes at a time.


Mumford and Sons channel.

Nothing special added to it.

Just Mumford and Sons and all the music that Pandora feels fits in with the Mumford’s musical genome.

What? Did you think I was going to say it was some fantastic product, trick or swaddle magic? It’s not. It’s just good music. I’ve tried white noise machines, swaddling, swings, shooshing, rocking, classical music, no music and me singing. None of it works as well as the Avett Brothers, W.G. Walden, Sia, Ray LaMontagne, Adele and of course Mumford.

I’ve considered paying for the subscription to Pandora so Vivi’s chill isn’t ruined by Wendy’s commercials but as I said, now that I’ve admitted this? Vivi’s going to demand some crap like Anne Murray. Hold me.

Any sneaky tricks for getting your kids to nap? Promise I won’t tell them you told me, thus throwing off the force.