The Thing I Wish Existed When I Gave Birth Was Just Invented

Your gift fantasies probably change once you have kids

How many addresses do you suppose you have in your address book? I’m not talking about email addresses. I’m talking physical addresses.

Somewhere between your Filofax and your Palm Pilot, your physical addresses probably got lost. In other words, your iPhone or Droid has lots of cell numbers and Gmail addresses, but not many PO boxes, right?

So what happens when you want to send out birth announcements (or when you wanted to send out wedding invitations)? You sit around like a schmuck emailing or calling your friends and relatives for their addresses and then you type the addresses or copy and paste ad nauseum into some kind of Excel program in order to print out labels. And then the next time you have a kid (or the next time you get married) and you can’t find the list, you sit around like a schmuck again address-hunting and gathering for labels.

But now there’s this thing where you don’t have to do that and yet you still get the labels. It’s so titillating it should be considered mommy porn, only with a G-rating.

It’s new and it’s called Postable.

You sign up online (in a nanosecond) and email everyone in your address book (because you have everyone’s email address, remember?) with your own personalized web address ( and ask them to take a nanosecond to fill in their details like their address, phone, email, birthday, and spouse’s name.

Then in a single click — so brilliant! — you can dump all the information into your iPhone, Gmail or Outlook address book. Or in a single click export the information onto an Excel spreadsheet. Or in a single click print out standard Avery address labels. If you get rid of your phone, your own personal (and free) Postable account lives online, so you can just do the same 1-click thing again to get all the information onto your new phone.

Postable is true Type-A (and B and C, actually) Mommy goodness. For moms like me who get seriously turned on by organization and time-saving tips, the site and its tool are a dream come true.

Think of all the time you could spend with your baby instead of sitting around gathering and typing addresses. One-click labels! No data entry! Think of those birth announcements. Think of those first birthday party invitations (if you’re sending them out in paper form, that is). Think of those new baby or first birthday present thank you notes (you should still send paper notes, I think).

You get the point. Now you just need to sign up.

Are you as excited about Postable as I am?

Photo credit: MorgueFile

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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