The Thousand-word Photos

It’s quitter’s eve and I’m left fumbling. I want to tell you all about how wonderful babies are yet I feel as though I should leave you with some brilliant words of wisdom that will carry you through your baby’s first year. I guess I’m not really a quitter, after all, Vivi’s first year is spent and done. In another week I can’t even say she’s 12 months — it’s onto lucky #13. Thirteen looks as though it will bring much walking, climbing, and I can pretty much promise you there will be some sort of serious bump or injury. Sidewalk? Corner of the wall? Something. It’s coming. I can tell.

I’ve accomplished the monumental task of picking out my favorite photos from the last year so I can make a coffee table book (even though we don’t drink coffee or have a table dedicated to books or coffee) as I went through them there were some I paused on longer than others. Some that tell an entire story in my memory even though they are just one tiny moment. That’s the thing about photography — what looks like just a snapshot to one person may be an entire life’s goal in one photo to another.

I picked out the ones that mean the most to me. Some are from a cell phone, some are from a point and shoot but most are from my DSLR. I could tell you thousand-word story about every single one, and one day I might. But for now, I’ll just show you.

Gak, slideshows, I know. Nobody likes them. I promise this is my last one. Pinky promise. If you’ve been around for awhile maybe you remember some of these photos. Maybe you’re still pregnant and these can serve as inspiration of moments you want to catch with your own baby, or maybe your kids are grown and these will bring back memories of your own littles. Whatever they may make you think of, thank you for sharing the past year with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • 23 Weeks 1 of 25
    23 Weeks
    Oh my, this was when I was struggling with antenatal depression. There isn't anything I can say that this photo doesn't say for me.
  • 39 Weeks 2 of 25
    39 Weeks
    Probably the last time you'll ever see me in my bra and underwear unless I get pregnant again. I love my pregnant shape.
  • Peek 3 of 25
    This was taken a week before I had her. I felt like my belly entered everywhere before the rest of me. I mean, it did. But to see it? (My boobs were in a close second, that's for sure.)
  • Her First Public Appearance 4 of 25
    Her First Public Appearance
    This was the first photo of her that went out on Facebook and Twitter. She was only a few hours old and I was in love.
  • One Day 5 of 25
    One Day
    The hat was made for her by a friend. I only had a few minutes of light and a few minutes by myself to get this photo. She yawned right on cue and officially became my favorite second child.
  • Addie Meets Vivi 6 of 25
    Addie Meets Vivi
    This was Addie's first time holding Vivi by herself. I was worried how it was all going to go down, but it was perfection in sister form.
  • Bendy 7 of 25
    She was maybe four days old, curled up in an impossible position asleep and smiled. I can't believe I had my camera.
  • First Day Home 8 of 25
    First Day Home
    I still can't believe either of them were ever so little. It's obvious how much Vivi is grown and sometimes her growth overshadows how much Addie has grown.
  • Content 9 of 25
    This was in the thick of breastfeeding, health difficulties for Vivi and just trying to survive. I will be forever grateful I was able to enjoy (almost) every moment of it.
  • Pinchable 10 of 25
    No idea how this one even happened, babies just don't make faces like that, I mean, they do, because here's proof. Look at how big Cody's thumb is compared to her entire face!
  • THIS. 11 of 25
    This is the one photo I would save if you told me I could only save one (but please don't.) This is the photo that says everything about anything. This is the one that stands out above every other one as my favorite for so many reasons.
  • Chubby Bubby 12 of 25
    Chubby Bubby
    This was at the prime of her squashy-ness. She wasn't yet mobile yet a huge fan of food. She had rolls in places I didn't even know babies could have rolls.
  • Sisterly Love 13 of 25
    Sisterly Love
    Addie has been in love with her baby sister since the moment she arrived. To watch the two of them has been one of the greatest blessings of motherhood. Addie is capable of a love that defies almost everything I've ever known.
  • Christmas Card 14 of 25
    Christmas Card
    This was for our family Christmas card, it was a little tricky to get since Vivi was still a little tippy when it came to sitting (she also liked to eat the lights) but it turned into a wonderful little card.
  • Waiting for Addie 15 of 25
    Waiting for Addie
    Once Vivi knew who Addie was and that she'd always come back, she always looked for her. Those scrunchy toes...those are another vital part of Vivi's first year that I'll never forget.
  • The Piano 16 of 25
    The Piano
    Addie gave Vivi her first piano lesson when she was still a little questionable about sitting. They play together regularly now.
  • OH MY. 17 of 25
    OH MY.
    They weren't wearing matching outfits on purpose, but how cute is it that they are? When she looks up and those cheeks hang? And how she's holding the block and looking at her dad? *sigh*
  • Static 18 of 25
    We were just goofing around with her blanket, playing peek a boo, when her hair started to really get going. This was the crown jewel of all the static shots.
  • Babywearing Cody 19 of 25
    Babywearing Cody
    I have this one printed on a big canvas that's right over there. I could stare at it all day everyday and never ever get sick of it.
  • Where She Came From 20 of 25
    Where She Came From
    This photo was just to illustrate what bellies look like after babies. It was never meant to become a favorite, but she loves me no matter what I look like, and that's so vitally important.
  • Sunday Reading 21 of 25
    Sunday Reading
    When I asked my readers what their favorite photos of mine were, most of them responded that their favorites were the ones of Addie reading to Vivi. I have to agree.
  • Ceiling Fan! 22 of 25
    Ceiling Fan!
    Her obsession with ceiling fans, her chubby belly, her 'fancy sit pose' the couch and blanket in the background, her floppy hair, her little smile. This one holds so much Vivi it's ridiculous.
  • Naughty Face 23 of 25
    Naughty Face
    How can you be mad at a face like that? You can't. Unless it's that way because she has kitty litter in her mouth and won't let you dig it out without biting you.
  • Best Part of the Day 24 of 25
    Best Part of the Day
    If I could hold a sleeping baby everyday my life would be complete and without flaw.
  • Happy Birthday Baby 25 of 25
    Happy Birthday Baby
    Addie never liked having Happy Birthday sung to her, I was amazed when Vivi not only liked it, she reveled in it.

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