They Call Me Mellow Yellow

Smiling Baby
I’m not yellow, Mommy, I’m just WEARING yellow.

So, we’re OK.

We got the results from Fuzzball’s bloodwork. All is fine. His bilirubin is slightly elevated but nothing to be worried about, and his liver function looked completely normal. Our pediatrician said it very well may be breast milk jaundice (see, I wasn’t crazy), but that I should keep breastfeeding and it will work itself out. It also could be something called Gilbert’s Syndrome, which I just learned, runs in my family. This syndrome causes elevated levels of bilirubin but is supposedly not harmful. The pediatrician also said do not be alarmed if it takes a month or more for the eyes to whiten up. She said the eyes take the longest.

I’ve been making sure to put Fuzz in the sun a bit more the last two days. It’s a fine line, though, what’s too much sun and what’s not enough. Direct sunlight in Southern California can be very harsh.

I just hope his mellow qualities don’t disappear with the yellow qualities.