They Say: Chamomile Tea Soothes Baby's Colic


661103_emotions_4Got a colicky baby?  Well then, I’m sorry.  Because an endlessly crying baby is something that’s just too hard to bear when you’re an exhausted new parent.

Some experts estimate that between 10 and 15 babies experience colic, which means that 10 to 15 percent of parents are out there right now, desperately needing a break.

Help may come in the form of an old-fashioned treatment:  chamomile tea.

The American Academy of Pediatrics reviewed two interesting studies on the subject and concluded that chamomile tea just might soothe a baby’s colic.

The tea is thought to ease muscle spasms in the baby’s intestines, a possible cause of colic.  And since the tea didn’t have any adverse affects — except for very rare allergic reactions (rub a little on your baby’s skin first to look for redness) — it’s considered safe, according to the New York Times, for parents to try.  (As always, talk to your doctor first.)

The other thing that helps parents deal with a colicky baby is knowing they aren’t alone.  Read one dad’s experience with colic and five ways to get through colic.