This Is A Post About Diapers. And BUTTS!


I will tell you one thing about this child. This child takes after his mother in the end. Like, in his butt, I mean.

This child of mine has a very well developed posterior region, and I mean it. Size 4! At 8 months! His bum is huuuge! Clearly this isn’t unheard of, but just go with me here for a minute — clearly this is unheard of!

I have never had the pleasure of reordering a box of diapers in the same size as before from those clever Amazon people. He was through with size one before we were through with the stack, blew straight through size two like it was a box of Wheaties (just me?), and barely even looked at size three. Huck has spent more time wearing diapers just a smidge too small than should be allowed in a first world country. From the time Huck was two months old and on, I just could not keep up with his voracious bum growth!

All of this to say, I’m dying to talk about diapers. Now, cloth diapering is not an option for us (we have  shared coin-operated laundry in the basement, the send-out laundering fee is too steep for us, and plus I was never terribly interested in doing it anyway) so I’m mainly interested in your experiences with disposable. (If you want to talk abotu cloth diapers, Alyson posted about that just today! Hah, great minds!) What brands have you enjoyed? What brands have you sworn you’d never ever buy again, not even under extreme duress? Like I said, I am dying to know.

(We used Huggies Newborns with the cut out for the cord stump, fell in love (in love!) with Pampers Swaddlers until those were too small, used Target brand once in a pinch and noticed they are sized an entire size off, and now we use Huggies. I’m not sure why,  just because. Um, anybody use Luvs? Do those even still exist?)

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