This Is The Thing

I'm so blessed to feel this love.

This is the thing I looked forward to when I sat in the quiet of our house, six months pregnant and feeling my baby boy press hard against my skin from the inside.

This is the thing I crave when I’ve been away for a few hours and I open the door to hear him calling for me.

This is the thing that keeps me company when I nurse him in a half sleep state at 3am.

This is the thing I dreamed of and tried to imagine before I became a mother.

When I want to be hard on myself for the weight I still carry from giving birth, When I want to doubt myself for whatever reason… This is the thing that reminds me that I am more than capable.

Loving these babies. Caring for them. Providing for them. Knowing that I am the place they seek when they are happy, or tired, or hungry…

This is the thing.