Thoughts on Feeding on Demand


Before I had Tate, I never had any particular philosophy when it comes to feeding. I read parts of Babywise while I was expecting, but took it back to the library after a quick scan. It just didn’t jive with what I wanted to do. But I still had no idea what to expect as far as how breastfeeding would work for us.

After we brought Tate home I quickly morphed into an on demand nurser. Part of this, I think, is that I had low milk supply so I put him to the breast as often as I could (and it made all the difference in the world). We have continued this schedule and it works for us. We feed every time he is hungry (or sad or mad, if I am being honest).

Most of the time I am pretty confident in my decisions as a mother, but that doesn’t mean I don’t doubt my choices.

Sometimes I worry that I am overfeeding him – it doesn’t help that people are constantly asking is he REALLY hungry – AGAIN?

I worry that I might be putting myself in a situation that isn’t sustainable for me getting anything done.

I wonder if comfort nursing will spoil him (just a little bit)?

At the end of the day, I think I am doing the right thing for us, but I can’t help but doubt myself sometimes. Do you find yourself doubting your parenting? I hope I am not alone.

Image : flickr | fikirbaz