Thoughts on Raising a Baby Away from Home

Grandpa telling Tate a story

My husband and I tried incredibly hard to settle down in our home state, close to family. My husband applied for what felt like hundreds of jobs without so much as an interview. We stuck it out for two and a half years after he graduated from college, essentially treading water. I was working at a good job, but one that no longer made me happy. We wanted to settle, have a family, and we both wanted me to stay home with our children.

My husband was accepted to graduate school for the spring semester before Tate was born. We decided to defer one more semester, in hopes that a job opportunity might arise. As Tate’s birth loomed on the horizon, I was terrified. It was all good and dandy for us to be dealing with our uncertainty, but I felt so guilty bringing a baby into the mix. Steve never received a job offer, and we decided to take the leap and move to South Texas for graduate school.

One thing we didn’t think much about before taking the leap, was moving away from family. I mean, we knew we would be away from family, but the gravity of bringing our baby 2000 miles away from our families as he experiences his first few years is really just hitting us. They won’t be cheering with us when he crawls for the first time, stands on his own, and takes his first steps. We might very well be alone with our son on his first birthday.

We are independent people. We have made a great effort to be on our own as a young married couple, rarely accepting help from our families. It’s not that we can’t be on our own, it’s that for the first time in our lives, we are sad to be on our own.

Did you move away from family with your little ones? I would love to hear your experiences.