Thumbs Up Buttercup! Pretty Nails for Mama.

Nailed it! A little mommy luxury for my trip!

I’m on my way to Wilton Headquarters outside of Chicago for a food blogger convention. As a big-time cake&cookie decorating nerd, I’m freakishly excited. As a mother of three traveling alone to meet up with my blogging partner Jaime, I’m freakishly excited. Since I will be working with food and touching things that adults might eat, I decided to sneak in a little mani/pedi. Tangent: isn’t “mani/pedi” kind of obnoxious? Anyway, I asked my facebook mamas what the hot colors were and they were on it. Neons, Robin’s Egg Blue, Gray/Lavender, crackle glaze… I went with bright yellow, one of my all-time fav colors anyway. So I’m sitting here typing… and I can’t stop staring at them. They are so pretty, so bright, my hands feel so clean and beautiful. I had stopped doing manicures all together. As a mama, my hands just take too much of a beating to make this worth it but let me tell you, I feel amazing in these nails that could literally stop traffic. How about you? Have you given up on pretty nails all together too? I think I might be hooked. Next time I’m going for Gels. This feels too good to stop! Is this post too vapid? I don’t care! I’m gorgeous!