Time Has Never Moved Faster

Who needs toys when you have tags to play with?

I feel like Tate is developing at an exponential rate. It took him months to do anything more than fill his diaper and eat his face off.

Then one day he was smiling. And a few months later, he was laughing. And then a few weeks later he rolled over, and by george the kid was holding things in his sweet little hands. Somehow in just a few weeks he went from toppling over after five seconds, to sitting steadily. I feel like my dear son has developed and changed more in the last month than the five months preceding it.

One of my favorite new developments is his awareness. I just love watching him make conscious decisions. He knows where his toys are, and will go through the process of deciding which toy he wants to shove in his mouth. Sometimes I find myself just watching him go through this process in awe. How is it that just six short months ago, my sweet baby was a newborn babe with no greater desire than to take lengthy naps and grunt to his hearts content?

Every mom feels this way, right? The first year of Tate’s life is flying by faster than any time I have ever experienced. I am just glad I am along for the ride.