Time To Celebrate!! And Leave Wolf With A Sitter...


alyson leviOne year ago today, I married the man of my dreams.  We had a beautiful outdoor wedding at a lake in the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.  It was a spectacular day!  One year later, we have a 6 week old baby, and we’re leaving him with a sitter tonight – for the first time.

Ok, ok… So our sitter in this case is my sister-in-law and we feel 100% comfortable leaving Wolf with her so we’re not nervous.  But be it that it’s our first time going out – just the two of us – since Wolf was born, it is a little exciting and a little hard!  I know I’ll be happy once I settle in to my romantic dinner {and glass of wine!} with my husband but my mind is always thinking about Wolf.  Is he crying too much?  Will she know how to swaddle him to make him comforted?  Will he do something cute for the first time and we’ll miss it?

How did you feel the first time you left your baby with a sitter?

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