Time To Start Childproofing

On the move and looking for trouble!

Childproofing is one of those things that seemed so far off, I haven’t really thought about it until now.  When you’re pregnant and waiting for your baby to arrive, you only picture a sleeping little nugget wrapped in swaddle blankets.  It’s hard to project forward and imagine that same baby suddenly becoming mobile and tugging on cords.  No one registers for baby gates!

It seems like it literally happened over night, but Cullen is suddenly mobile.  His crawl gets stronger every single day, and he can make it across a room in just seconds if he is motivated by the right toy (or sock).  As I watched him head toward our fireplace tools this morning, I realized it is time for the inevitable – childproofing.

So where do I get started?

I know that first things first, I need to remove anything he can pull over on top of himself (like the fireplace screen).  I also want to make sure anything sharp or potentially dangerous within his reach is removed immediately.  He’s not able to pull himself up yet, and nowhere close to standing.  What are the first steps to childproofing?

My first order of business is baby gates and cord removal – any tips on where to go from there?