To All The Single Mamas, I Heard You.


mom and babyAfter some of the comments on my post about solo parenting for forty-eight hours, I realized that it may have seemed as though I slighted the single mom population. This was not deliberate and I sincerely apologize.

As I mentioned in my comment, I find it a little unnerving when people who hear that my children don’t sleep well say something like “I don’t know how you do it!?” because clearly they are really thinking: “Boy, am I glad that’s not me.” Or perhaps they are thinking I got myself into this situation and I’m a bad parent. Regardless, how I do it is irrelevant.

I do it. I have no choice.

I imagine this is how you feel. Or maybe not…I have a close friend who is relatively new to the single parent world. From my perspective, she is blowing me away with her ability to deal with emotional turmoil in her divorce and yet more than meet the needs of her almost three-year-old little boy. She has worked tirelessly to make sure his world has remained secure and warm despite the chaos that has surrounded them. She has also made sure to take care of herself and even dipped her toe in the dating pool. Despite her being able to keep it together, I know that she’s probably going through the most difficult time of her life.

I guess the point of this post is not only to acknowledge that I recognize how hard it is to do everything we do as parents without the help of a partner, but maybe start a dialogue about it and perhaps share some tips and struggles that might connect us all as moms.  I want to be supportive, as well as understand what you go through.

So, I know HOW you do it, but can you share more? What gets you through the day-to-day. Especially those single moms with infants–what tips and words of wisdom can you give to us and to other single parents?