Too Hot for Nursing

too hot in Texas

We have finally arrived to our new home in the Corpus Christi Texas area. And apart from a few hiccups (my android being stolen, my email account being hacked, my personal blog being deleted, our dryer dying, the monster HDTV giving out, and 4 days and counting of not having the internet – just to name a few) we are settling in well.

The high heat and humidity creates interesting situations for nursing. It is hot! I mean Utah gets hot, but this sub tropical humidity is a whole a new beast. In the day our house reaches upwards of 85 degrees. There are times that its just too hot to nurse Tate and forget about trying to do it under a nursing cover. He gets hot, sticky, and flustered in a hurry. In fact I have had to give him a bottle in the afternoon just so he can eat and stay cool.

Do you live in a hot and humid climate? I would love to hear your tips for breastfeeding in this sort of weather.