Top 10 Best Sale Sites for Baby


I may have a bit of a problem. It’s called sale site-itis — an obsession with checking sale sites for babies gear. It may have something to do with the fact that after having 3 boys I am finally blessed with the very difficult and laborious task of dressing a baby girl. Or it may have to to with the fact that I love a good deal. Either way, I adore the current trend of flash sale sites! Here are a few of my favorite sites to find deals for baby:


1. Zulily - this site has things for all ages, and it’s more than just a clothing site. Sometimes you have to wait for the best sales if you don’t want all cutesy all the time, but almost daily Zulily has something I love.

2.  The Mini Social - a place where I can find some more upscale brands at a discount, I love The Mini Social for inspiration on top of a great steal.

3.  Gilt Groupe - the best way to get your hands on designer duds, Gilt is a long time favorite of mine. Great inspiration for styling your little one, too!

4.  Heartsy - a flash sale site for homemade goods, this site often has completely adorable one-of-a-kind lovelies for babies.

5.  Plum District - this site is made for moms and I’ve found many a great baby deal to fill my sale site obsessions.

6.  Citrus Lane - a monthly subscription service for moms, this site sends monthly care packages for a low fee and you get some gorgeous baby deals at a total steal. They have incredible customer service too!

7.  ideeli - lots of deals, lots of options at one of the most popular sale sites out there!

8.  Totsy - just for kids, you’re sure to find something for baby at a great discount.

9. giggle Deals - one of my favorite baby stores has a sale site all their own!

10.  Hautelook - often I like more for ME than baby, but I do find some amazing steals here all the time.

What sale sites did I miss? Which are your favorite?