Top 10 Things My Baby Has Taught Me in 2011

To Accept the Regular Occurrence of Poonami's Amongst Other Things...

Yes, one of those top 10 lists. It must be done. As we are, after all – verging on a brand new, bright and shiny New Year. It’s not just me teaching my daughter things over here yo! She’s a little Einstein this one, and I’m paying attention.

However. I decided to save the moosh (mostly), for the innards of my brain this time and just let my straight up honesty flow. This list is basic yet altruistic in it’s very nature.

What you can expect after the jump….

Bodily functions? Check. Mealtimes? Check, check. Sleep, or lack thereof? Check-0-rama. Boobs? Triple check. Mother-love? Non-stop.

Abby has taught me to…

  • Boob Check 1 of 10
    Boob Check
    Do a boob check. As in always make sure the milk units have been tucked back into their saddles, after a feed. Because I could end up outside in public with one popped out to say hello. While hanging laundry. To my neighbors shock. Crazy things like this can and do occur when operating on next to no sleep. True story. Photo Credit: Laptops to Lullabies.
  • Diaper Duty 2 of 10
    Diaper Duty
    Poonami's happen. Each and every day. Huge, explosive, shocking blow-outs. As does my increased ability to predict and determine the timing of said bowel movement's, with somewhat alarming accuracy. Photo Credit: Modern Servant Leader.
  • Fashion Sense 3 of 10
    Fashion Sense
    To get used to the snot on my sleeve, the spit-up on my chest and the indeterminable dried up crusty something or other on my pant-leg. That and wipes aren't just for her. Unless I want to change my outfits as many times as she does throughout the day. Unless I actually enjoy making more laundry than the mountains that already exist. Also? To remember myself. To remember to take care of myself and look in the mirror at what I'm wearing every now and then, just like I used to before she came along. Seriously. She taught me that. My little girl is a serious fashionista already. The picture? I'm having a hard time deciding whether this is a series of bad or good fashion choices. Tough call. Photo Credit: Jeff Meulemans.
  • Eat 4 of 10
    Eat the piece of egg or toast or whatever I'm picking up off of the floor in picking up after my toddler, because that may be the only thing I eat for hours. What? I mean immediately, not way later. Eat it like it's the finest foie gras. Because most often I am too busy nursing, or changing a bum, or wiping puke off my shoulder. (Usually a combo of both. I avoid the food in my hair). Regular meal-times are a thing of the past. Photo Credit: 8 Moms by Kidville.
  • Operate on Very Little Sleep 5 of 10
    Operate on Very Little Sleep
    Regular sleep is a good 10 years or more down the road. (Her morning smiles, kisses, cuddles and pure joy to see me and be with me, though...#worthit) Photo Credit: Painter Mommy.
  • Mother-love is Like No Other 6 of 10
    Mother-love is Like No Other
    The love I have for her (and her brother), is like no other. It surpasses that of ice cream, dark chocolate, wine, reading, shopping, crafting, cooking, sex, alone time...etc.etc.etc. It surpasses all of those things, even combined - entirely, completely and unabashedly. Photo Credit: SMS World.
  • The New Face-Time 7 of 10
    The New Face-Time
    If she had her dithers, my face would be her constant play-toy, teether and soap-box. If she had her dithers, we would be able to grok her highly developed gibberish banter. Photo Credit:Nate One on Flickr..
  • Baby Cloth Sizing 8 of 10
    Baby Cloth Sizing
    The sizing in baby clothes are whack. How one six month tag varies from certain brands to the next, is absurd. Photo Credit: Size Tracker.
  • Kickin’ Ass & Standing Firm 9 of 10
    Kickin' Ass & Standing Firm
    I am strong. Stronger than Beatrix Kiddo. Stronger than my past. Stronger than my fears. Stronger than my pride. Stronger than my guilt. Stronger, because of her love. Photo Credit:Quizmaster.
  • Bond 10 of 10
    She will always need me. Photo Credit: me.

What’s on your list? (Don’t go getting all poetic on me!)

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