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Top 7 Safe Co-Sleeping Hacks

By Selena Mae |


We’ve been a co-sleeping family since our first. Nothing as spectacular as having multiple babes in our bed though.

Not because we don’t believe in it or anything — it just didn’t work out for us that way. I’m a firm subscriber to not subscribing to any one way of doing things in the parenting realm.

With Wyndham, he was up far too much throughout the night for it to work long-term. So, at about 10 months we began gentle sleep training. Not as hard-core as the Ferber method, more of a slow elimination. Abby is now 6 months and we’d like to begin the process with her. She and her bro will be sharing a room, so the process will need even more delicacy I think.

The mister and I are also amazons and while we share a king size bed, having a co-sleeper next to our bed would be ideal as we make this transition with Abby from our bed, to her own bed, to eventually having her bed in a shared room with her brother. I began looking around the internets for inspiration and found some fabulous looks and ideas. After the jump.

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Top 7 Safe Co-Sleeping Hacks

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin!

This one right here? Absolutely fantastic. Perhaps a bit wild with the amount of heads this bed could sleep...but it just looks so awesome. Heavy want. I think this set-up would also be well-suited for kids sharing a room. Or at the cottage.
Photo Credit: Casa Evaliza

Are you a co-sleeping family? What are some of the hacks you’ve created to make a safe co-sleeping bed?

The Co-Sleeping Controversy

Top Image Credit: Casa Evaliza


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3 thoughts on “Top 7 Safe Co-Sleeping Hacks

  1. Kate says:

    ha ha….well, when Michaela (our 1st) was 9 months, we bought a mattress for her bedroom and from then on, she sleep in there. Most of the time with me! I would start out the night in my bed, and when she woke up midway through the night, I would go, nurse her, and generally fall asleep. But it worked!

    We did the same thing with Alexandra last month. Got a (smaller) mattress from Ikea for her (smaller) room. The plan was, I would not stay in bed with her when I would get up to nurse her, as the bed is so tiny. She would get used to me not being there and sleep better through the night.
    HA! The past few weeks have been very tiring…I am up A LOT during the night–like every hour. Then she got sick, and I sent hubby into bed with our toddler, and I brought Alexandra into bed with me. Now it’s been a week, I’m still not recovered from the lack of sleep from when she was sick, and she seems even MORE attached to me being next to her. I think she just sleeps with my nipple in her mouth. I don’t even know anymore. I just know that I probably get the equivalent of 4 hours of interrupted sleep every night, and I’m expected to run the house and the kids during the day! So, she’ll be 1 yr old in a week and wakes up every hour…Help. Anyway, our co-sleeping life consists of me and Ali up all night in my bed, and my hubby and my eldest daughter cozily snoring away together in her bed! It’s pretty cute, though, and I love that they are both comfortable with it. I’d like my hubby back in my bed though, I’m ready to have this baby sleep! Maybe you could write more about your journey with your gentle sleep training…

  2. Gia Gilchrist says:

    When my first child was born Liana just did not like her crib.. Breast feeding was so much easier in my king size bed anyway.. So hubby and I decided that she could just sleep in our bed.. When I was pregnant with my second child. .Liana just kept moving and I was.afraid that she.would kick my at 2 years old.we began our transition in getting her into her crib turned into toddler bed.. Nope she wasn’t liking the idea so hubby and Liana started to sleep on the living room couch.. When our son was born we decided to move both cribs on each side of our bed. . Now two years and hubby sleep in our bed and they own have their toddler bed in our room.. Soon though we are thinking to move our office and make that room Liana & Mateo big kid room.. Its been great having them share.our room…but I also want them to feel safe even when mommy and daddy are not sleeping right next to them..

  3. Julie says:

    When my daughter was a baby, I never managed to get her to sleep in her own crib. She slept with me, nursing happily through the night. Fortunately, I was able to get back to sleep easily so we made it work. Unfortunately, as time went on, she continued to be dependent on nursing to get to sleep. I tried the crib a few times, but she always cried (screamed) with no end in sight and I eventually just stopped trying…we finally struck a deal on her 4th birthday to stop nursing in exchange for singing/rocking. But, she was still dependent on me for sleep and was about 7 years old before she finally decided to sleep in her room on her own.
    Fast forward…now my baby has a baby! She choose to nurse her son, had him in a bassinet next to her bed where he would sleep part of the night and then with her the rest of the night. This lasted until he was almost 6 months old and growing out of his bassinet (tall child). My daughter is not the sleeper that I was, and she eventually was getting exhausted. She tried the crib in his room, but when she would go in to try to soothe him without nursing (he was starting solid food and the pediatrician said he was plenty old enough to manage without visiting the “all night diner”), he just got more upset knowing that his nighttime snack was just within reach.
    I finally realized what I wish I had learned years ago…that the nursing mother cannot be the one to do the weaning from nighttime nursing & co-sleeping. It has to be a neutral party…enter Grandma (Daddy was no help due to taking sleep meds…he wouldn’t wake up if the house was on fire). We put a bed in the nursery and I got to work. The first night, he was up every hour, definitely not happy about the situation but I was able to settle him by picking him up and rocking him back to sleep (no snacking). After several nights of letting him fuss (sometimes a full screaming fit) a bit longer each time, he finally got the idea and started getting himself back to sleep…finally one night, he slept all night (I woke up in a panic, thinking he must be dead!). He was always very happy and joyful in the morning and his usual sweet self, so we knew letting him “cry it out” so to speak was not detrimental…he knew he was loved, his needs had been met promptly from the day he was born, etc. But, by 6 months of age, it was also time to learn how to get to himself to sleep.
    So, if you are a nursing mother and the co-sleeping is working for your baby but NOT for you, enlist some help. Hubby, granny, best friend, etc. It will take about a week, and you may need ear plugs, but if you are sleeping and rested you will be a much happier mother and your baby will be happier as well.

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