Tough Love


As Avery gets older, she’s interacting more and more with her sister, Harlan. It really is one of the sweetest things to see them together. Harlan sings to her, makes her laugh like no one else can, and loves to spend time with her.

But as Avery is getting bigger, Harlan is beginning to think that Avery is more capable of doing the same things that she can, which is clearly not the case. With Harlan’s new state of mind comes her showing her love a little bit rougher than before. She is a lot more hands on than she used to be and unfortunately Avery can’t handle it all.

Harlan doesn’t mean any harm, but for some reason she isn’t getting the fact that she has to be gentle. Her newest thing is to pick Avery up off of the ground when Avery starts crying. Yes, my three year-old is lifting Avery up off of the ground and trying to bring her over to me.

It scares the crap out of me when she does this because I am so terrified that she is going to drop her on the ground and hurt her. I’ve tried and tried to tell her not to pick her up, but she just doesn’t get it. She sees it as helping me out when I need it and doesn’t understand that it could potentially hurt Avery. I caught her picking up Avery yesterday by the arms only to start dancing to the music with her. It was very sweet that she wanted to dance with her sister, but the reality was that it was dangerous. Avery wasn’t hurting at the time, but I know it’s only a matter of time before it will happen.

I love that Harlan is thinking that she is helping me out and I know that Avery is grateful for the amount of attention that Harlan gives her. I just don’t want it to get to a point when Harlan does try to pick her up and bring her somewhere to drop her and for Avery to get hurt.

I’ve tried talking to her, my husband has tried talking to her, and so far no avail. If you have any suggestions I would really appreciate it!

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