Transitioning To Milk

Ruffle  Butt AhoyWhat does that adorable sleeping ruffle butt fluffed out high in the air have to do with milk?

It was taken right after falling asleep, right after her very first bottle of milk.

The switch? Nary a blink. Not a peep made she. We’re on day 3 of cow’s milk and all is well in the land of my baby moving into toddler-hood.

Speaking of cows milk, we’re strictly on organic. There is a staggering amount of research and evidence regarding the animal cruelty that occurs with non-organic milk production. Never mind the nastiness that actually ends up in said milk from cows being shot up with antibiotics or growth hormones. A practice that is prohibited with organic milk production. 

The FDA may still be saying that the rBHG (growth hormone) is ‘safe’– but I’ve never been one to believe everything the government tells me. Something about the ugly truth regarding corporate business, profiteering and all of that. I mean, we all know that medical research can be ‘influenced’ either way, right?

There is conflicting research regarding the risks and dangers of consuming pharmaceuticals or genetically modified organisms through our food. When it comes right down to it, it is a personal choice – based not only on what we deem as healthy based on the research we choose to believe in; but also our social and economic status. We can afford to make sacrifices in other areas to buy organic milk, as it is more expensive to purchase. Not everyone can. No, we’re not vegan. Yes, we eat local, drug-free meat, cheese (try) and eggs.

We’re also rotating up our milk servings from cow to goat to almond because babies be drinking milk like it’s liquid magic. No need for that much dairy goodness.

Okay, now that the serious-talk is over, Next up?

Completely weaning her off of her bottle to sippy cups and her soosie. She’s been having her water in a sippy for a few months now, so it won’t be a foreign concept.

I know there are some mommas out there who prefer to skip out on the whole great sippy exchange, guess I’m not that diligent. Clearly, you can surmise that I pick and choose my battles carefully. (Got milk?)

I think the key to any one good thing when it comes to promoting a baby’s independence is taking gentle baby steps with each transition, as it’s usually exchanging one thing for another.

For example, were not going to cut her off of her soosie and bottle at the same time – and we’ll begin the soosie withdrawal very gently, say with day-time use first, followed by nap-time then bed-time.

What do you think? Should we cut her off cold-turkey or take the ‘gentle extinction’ route? (Our first never had a love-affair with a soosie, so we’re in the dark here).

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