Travel Pump Questions: How to Keep my Flow on the Go?

Madela Pump In Style
This can't be the right answer for travel

Next weekend I have my first trip away from the G-Man. He is exclusively on the boob other than 2-3 bottles a week. So my question is, what do I need to do to keep my supply up while I gallivant around glamorous Salt Lake City sans baby? Do I lug the Pump In Style ? No, that can’t be the answer. Do I get myself one of those little hand pumps? Which one? How often do I need to pump to maintain production? As often as I nurse? Just when I get uncomfortable? Gah! I don’t know how you “working” moms do it!

Also, will I shed a tear… when I have to dump that liquid gold down the drain? We have a freezer full of bags and, well, this milk will be full of vodka tonics and champagne so there is no point in hanging on to it but somehow it seems so precious all the same. Oh and one more question. Will I have trouble getting Champagne and Vodka Tonics in Salt Lake City? I’ve heard rumors that I need a license. But no really, the pumping questions are the priority. Help please!