Two Naps Down! Hopefully More to Come.

Little Bean "Playing"

I did it! Or I should say He did it?

Thanks for all the advice and input on my Let’s Talk About Naps post. I actually found Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child on google eBooks and started reading it.

So yesterday I decided to take Little Bean’s cues and make a shift to the crib for nap time instead of bouncing him to sleep in my office.

Here’s a recap…

He was up around 7 after nursing twice in the middle of the night. I fed him and he hung out with me while getting the kindergartener on the bus. By 8:40 I could tell he was getting tired. Eyes closing, fussiness, hand sucking, all the signs where there.

We headed up to the crib. I laid him down with the pacifier.

He cried.

I waited a few minutes to see if he could settle himself down.

No luck.

I go in to sooth him a bit but he seems hungry so I nurse him. He ate for a few minutes and got sleepy on the breast. So I burped him and put him down again. He fussed for about 10 minutes. Then he fell asleep. It was just after 9AM.

He slept until 11:30!

Woke up. Nursed. Shot me a few smiles. It was nice.

At 12:30 I took him out to run some errands. He dosed off in the car seat. Taking cat naps until 2ish. I then nursed and got him back into the crib around 3 for an afternoon nap.

He went down a little easier this time and slept until 5:30!

Our first day with two crib naps was a success!

Going for a repeat today. It’s 8:30 AM now and he’s “playing” in the floor gym…

Little Bean "Playing"

OMG I just want to EAT him up! lol

Thanks again for all the advice and insights! We’ll be heading up for nap soon. :)

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