'Up All Night,' Anyone?

Some of my favorite people to hang out with.

For the first time in a while, I’m really liking TV. And since I’m nursing this baby, I spend a little more time watching it than I usually do. (I can’t nurse and do anything else simultaneously, try as I may. I seriously need coaching in the typing-while-nursing field.)

For the last couple years, “Modern Family” has been my program of choice, along with the majority of America. I love the clever writing. I love Cam, and I really love Phil. In fact, sometimes I think I’m married to Phil, but that’s another blog post altogether.

However, last fall, new NBC comedy “Up All Night” seems to have stolen my attention.

Maybe it’s because I have a baby and “Up All Night” is about a working mom and stay-at-home dad and their humorous and sometimes slightly inappropriate adventures in parenting a young child. So, you know, it’s slightly more relatable at this stage in the game.

It’s also because of comedic heavy-hitters Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph, who are always good for a laugh. But the surprise star in my opinion? Christina Applegate, who is totally refreshing/relatable as Reagan, mother to baby Amy. (Maybe it’s also because watching “Modern Family’s” funny-but-frail Julie Bowen makes me feel like an elephant. Or more accurately, a cow. But that’s my insecurity getting the better of me.)

Seriously, though. I applaud Applegate for her real figure, especially post-double mastectomy. She also comes across as a real mom, to me—the way she pulls the wipes out of the diaper bag real quick-like and without looking, for example, and even how she’s dressed in nice-but-casual clothes. Moreover, Applegate totally holds candles to both Arnett and Rudolph in terms of making me laugh, and that’s saying something.

Anyway. I was thinking about visiting my sister in Texas this week. Just me and the two kids. It would be a last-minute free flight, and I figured I should take advantage of it. And then I watched last week’s episode called “Travel Day.” I’m sure you know where this is going: Reagan and husband Chris decide to take Amy on a five-hour flight to a wedding, and though nothing disastrous happens, the episode revolves around the circus on wheels that we call flying with a baby. I had cases of both giggles and stress while watching. And they never even showed the flight after take-off—just the airport shenanigans and the tragedy of not being seated together. (Seriously, air lines, this is not cool.)

Needless to say, I didn’t take the flight. Instead of enjoying my nieces and nephews in Texas, I’ll be chilling with Applegate this evening, and basking in the fact that my baby just happened to sleep through the night for the first time. You can watch “Up All Night” tonight on NBC at 9:30 EST.

Any other “Up All Night” fans out there? What’s your favorite one-liner?

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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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