Vacation Without the Kids - Hello Blissdom!

This mom is going on a vacation without kids!
This mom is going on a vacation without kids!

So last month I was antsy pantsy needing some alone time dreaming of a mommy vacation.

While it won’t be to Thailand, I found a way to sneak off for 3 days to Nashville to attend the Blissdom conference and I am soooo (I wanted to add 10 more o’s to that but I didn’t want to come off to anxious) excited!

The plan originally included the whole family road tripping and making the trip a vacation. After last month’s realization that I needed a break – the whole road trip with the family thing was scrapped and I re-planned the trip with my sister.

While I traveled all the time when our toddler Izaiah was a baby, I have yet to leave Zeke. Maybe I can sneak him in?  I mean he is REALLY cute and all.. Plus if I leave him home that means my husband will be left alone with 4 kids.  

My husband is a fabulous dad. He’s hands on and will do anything to make the kids happy – including cereal for dinner and letting them wear whatever they want to school (omg my daughter’s butt crack was showing when I picked her up from school – needless to say, I didn’t wake up with the kids this morning!). The next 2 weeks will be full of prepping and making sure all i’s are dotted. While it’s only 72 hours that i’ll be gone – it’s 72 hours! Maybe I should stop typing because I am getting scared.

Argh. okay enough with it. Zeke will stay home. This mom will get a vacation without the kids and all will be well in the world. At least, that’s the plan.

The last 2 years, I’ve attended Blissdom (it’s an annual conference for women – predominantly bloggers) – I came home refreshed, filled with inspiration and all kinds of new friends and connections. Both times I was pregnant, this year, I am guaranteed not (woohoo!). Sounds just like what this mom needs – BLISS.

Several of the gals here from Babble will be attending – if you are going, make sure to drop a line in the comments.

Are You Attending Blissdom?

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