Venezuela Considers Banning Baby Bottles


baby bottleVenezuela is considering banning baby bottles to promote breast feeding. According to the Huffongton Post:

Legislator Odalis Monzon said the proposal would “prohibit all types of baby bottles” as a way to improve children’s health.

“We want to increase the love (between mother and child) because this has been lost as a result of these transnational companies selling formula,” Monzon said on state television on Thursday…

Monzon said, however, that exceptions would be allowed, such as in the case of the death of a mother, or for women with limited breast milk production, as determined by the health ministry.

That is the dumbest thing I’ve ever read and, as a political blogger, I’ve read a lot of dumb things.

Yeah, breast is best and formula companies need to step back and put their profit hungry hands in their pockets instead of in parents’ wallets but outlawing bottles? Forcing women to go in front of a health ministry and plead for clemency to feed their babies? That’s a big hell no.

Why not create and implement prenatal education programs that emphasize breast feeding? Or follow Finland’s model and provide baby supplies to support mothers along with prenatal care? Maybe a national scheme to train lactation consultants and place them in every health center? Any of those things would be smarter than outlawing bottles.

I hope someone in Venezuela puts a stop to this madness before babies go hungry.

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