VIDEO: Baby G Suddenly Discovers the Joy of Solids


Remember a week or two ago when I mentioned that G still wasn’t having much luck figuring out the whole solid food thing? Well, after a two week hiatus, I decided to give solids another try tonight. I busted out the pureed sweet potatoes, sat G down in her Exersaucer (which for some reason, Jon and I call her “Baby Dance Dance Revolution” or just “The Dancey Dance”), and she and I got down to business.

I don’t know what changed so radically in the short time since we last time we tried spoon feeding, but tonight she was ALL about it. She scarfed those sweet potatoes down almost as fast as I could shovel them into her little mouth. And between every bite, she screeched and jumped with joy. She acted like I was feeding her some kind of rare baby ambrosia instead of just regular old Gerber baby food. I have never seen an infant go so crazypants with joy over …well…maybe anything.

After we had finished off the whole serving of sweet potatoes, G remained deliriously happy in the afterglow of the deliciousness she had just discovered, and I managed to capture a little bit of her post-first-solids happy dance for your viewing pleasure.

(Note splotches of orange potato remaining on her head and chest.)

Isn’t she a cutiepie? She’s so cute that I almost licked those leftover sweet potatoes right off of her.

But then our dog Leo took care of that for me.



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