Video: My Baby Thinks Our Dog Is Hilarious

My funny pair.

Over the past few weeks, my baby has developed quite the affinity for our German Shepherd, Marley. See that photo right there? Well, this position is one of her favorites as of late.  She’ll lean on that couch arm staring outside for ages, watching Marley run around the yard chasing squirrels and even just doing nothing at all. Apparently it’s quite fascinating.

Well, a few weeks ago my baby laughed for the first time, but she hasn’t been too interested in a repeat performance since. But, the other day while watching Marley play outside she burst into a fit of giggles like nothing I’ve heard before. I love her deep, little laugh and was so excited to catch it on video. You can’t see it in the video, but Marley is jumping outside the window, which is what she keeps laughing at. I also apologize in advance for the no-makeup, crazy mom hair look I’m rocking. It happens.

See the video after the jump!




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