Is This A Baby-Proof Train Wreck? [VIDEO]

baby smiling
Baby Proof This!

I would not say that my house is really baby-proof. At this point, we have a general play area in the den, and then the kids play in the living room, too. Most of the toys are Shnook’s. We have a bunch of stuff for Fuzz, but it seems like he only wants Shnook’s toys anyway. I end up making a toy swap several times a day. Unfortunately, Fuzz knows that a Whooz-It just isn’t as great as a metal NYC taxi.

The train tracks are ALWAYS in play, especially on the weekends. I cannot clean them up for any length of time before Shnook wants to take them out again, so sometimes they just get left out for hours. Tonight they were a particular mess because Fuzz dumped over the box of tracks and proceeded to take apart all the ones that were already together, and then shove them in his mouth. They are smooth wooden tracks, so I don’t worry about him getting splinters, and the tracks are too big to be choking hazards, but regardless, I’d never leave him alone with them.
I’m trying not to get too crazy about stuff unless it’s a serious choking hazzard, or it’s electrical wires/outlets, or something sharp. I’m more worried about “underpant man” hurling things at him like he does in this video-or attacking him, which he did right after I pressed stop. But at least you can hear us discussing ‘soft’ versus ‘not soft’ toys.  Click for the cute video after the jump. Also, in this video, please note that Fuzzball says ‘HI!’

Is your house totally baby-proof? What are the most important safety concerns for you?