VIDEO: My Baby Isn't Sick, She's HUNGRY!


Baby G is 8 months old now, and as those of you who have been reading along our first year journey know, she showed absolutely NO interest in solids until a week or two ago when she suddenly decided that real food RAWKS.  (See video evidence).

But even though G told us she now likes actual human food, after 8 months of bottle feeding with NO solids, I just sort of forgot that once she started enjoying solids, I was supposed to start feeding them to her…like, on a regular basis.

So over the past few days, our little sunshiney fairy princess was waaaay fussier than usual. Jon and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Teething? Nope, no teeth poking through yet. Fever? Nope. Upset tummy? No evidence of that. What could be wrong?

Suddenly Jon realized that G isn’t sick, she’s just really hungry! The occasional and random novelty solid feeding sessions were only wetting her appetite. She was fussing and refusing her bottle because she wanted us to fix her a ham sandwich, dammit.

Duh. Sometimes I can’t believe that she is my fifth child. I still make a lot of rookie mistakes. (Oh, you mean like FORGETTING TO FEED YOUR BABY???!!!)

So now I am offering her banana and oatmeal and pureed carrots and yes, even little nibbles of my ham sandwich. I am trying to offer three times a day at least so she never gets frantic like she was before we figured this out.  She is much happier again.

Oh! And in other news, G can suddenly remain in a sitting position! She is ahead on so many other developmental milestones, but sitting up really has eluded her. At 8 months, she’s still not great at it, but she’s getting there. I think I may get her doing some baby pilates so she can improve her core strength. (I think that would help with the whole sitting up thing. )

Here’s a video I shot today of Baby G playing with toys while actually remaining in an upright sitting position all by herself. So cute!



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