VIDEO: My "Momiform"


My MomiformGetting dressed as a mom can be challenging.

There’s a lot of things to factor in. Gone are the days when all you had to think about was whether or not something was trendy. Now it’s all about practicality and easily washed fabrics. BUT, just because practicality reigns when it comes to mama clothe, doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish too.

Having a baby doesn’t have to mean dressing like you’ve given up on life. You really can dress practically and stylishly at the same time and a big part of doing so is having a “momiform” – a uniform that you wear as a mom – something that is a go-to that takes the guess work out and drama out of getting dressed.

And in order to help you get started, I made a video to show you my “momiform” in the hopes that it will help give you a jumping off point for your own so you can finally save those yoga pants for doing actual yoga instead of for going out in public. Check it out after the jump!


Do you have a “momiform”? What does it consist of?


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