VIDEO: No, We Haven't Started Solids,Yet.


6 month babyFuzzball has reached that stage in babyhood where he wants to put everything in his mouth. EVERYTHING: My arm, his foot, toys, beer bottles…and his favorite category: cell phones and cameras. It’s almost as if these items are a special delicacy for babies. He salivates just looking at the phone, dreaming of how it will taste when he shoves it in his mouth.

By the way, I am well aware that this phase also has another name: Teething.

Here is Fuzz unable to contain his excitement when presented with a camera just out of arm’s reach.

The camera almost gives us a view of his tonsils and if I’d let it go any further, his oesophagus.

Also note how he waits patiently, and then makes his move.

I apologize for the snot, it is perpetual. I hope you can overlook it and be bowled over by his cuteness.